Coach Susan Winn » Looking for Altruria physical education leaders!

Looking for Altruria physical education leaders!

Students- Do you know what a locomotor skill is and what it is supposed to look like? Make yours better?
See me. I want you to be the best YOU, you can be every day. It just might happen "in two shakes of a sheep's tail" :) You can learn your skills and teach your friends. That sounds like a leader to me. 
1. Physical education includes curriculum, instruction, and assessment in sequential order by grade level.  It also includes 
2. We help our students increase their sustained vigorous activity using active locomotor skills
4. Students learn how to eat healthy for work and play at school and home. 
5. Students work together to develop positive social skills among classmates. 
6. These are all a part of keeping a happy and healthy life.


Locomotor skills are the basics for most all activities, games and sports!

Can you walk, run, skip, hop, leap, gallop, and slide? PRACTICE ,PRACTICE, 


Step Up Your Game Here in Physical Education

We want to work with you to create a plan.

Make yourself the best walker, bike rider, etc. you want to become with regular exercise and good eating habits.

Students- Stop by our office if you want to check out your eating habits.

We will be glad to help you make a healthy kids exercise program right for you.