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Altruria 5th Notes

5th Notes 2014-15 Performance Schedule

(this is tentative and other performances my be added)



September 11-Friday - 9/11 Ceremony-during the school day.  Students will wear khaki pants/skirt and a white poloshirt.



December 15-Tuesday - Holiday Music Performance in the cafeteria.  Two performances ---8:20am and 9:am



December –I’m in the process of scheduling a field trip for the group to sing at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital.  When that date is secured, I will send that information along.  This trip will be during school hours.



February 19 – Friday - Beta Club Induction ---8:20am

Guidelines for Fifth Notes


1.     Students must attend all scheduled practices.  Practices will be held Tuesday and Thursday at 7:40 until 8:15.  Sometimes we may need an additional practice and that day is Friday.  If needed, that will be announced ahead of time.

2.      Students must be on their best behavior at all times.  Inappropriate behavior and/or excessive tardiness will result in immediate dismissal from the choir.

3.     Choir members are expected to maintain good grades and will be put on probation if these standards are not met.  Also, students must not be tardy to school or have excessive absences.  This will result in dismissal from the choir.

4.     Some performances could be after school or on non-school days.  Parents must commit to deliver and pick up their children from these events.  Attendance is mandatory

5.     Choir members must be present at all performances.  Please check the performance calendar before committing.  Sporting events do not count as an excused absence from a performance.

6.     Parents will be responsible for providing a performance uniform consisting of a white polo shirt, khaki slacks/skirt and dark dress shoes (tennis shoes are not allowed).  Due to the use of risers, ladies are not allowed to wear heels.  If shirts are not in, students are to wear white dress shirts (preferably short-sleeve).

7.     Please be advised that singing is not the only component of choir.  Sometimes students will be required to submit writing assignments.