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Mrs. Hagy

I've drawn all my life. But I've also written stories, explored places, read books, and met interesting people. All these things inspire us and develop us. So I can not teach creativity on my own. I hope my classroom is a wonderful place for students to explore and freely make mistakes (and then make those mistakes into something unique). But these students also draw on the influences of the teachers and administrators and specialists and classmates within the building I work. Teamwork creates amazing things. And so I believe in and support all my co-workers in what they do.

I graduated from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters in Education. I have worked in three separate districts so far in my career, and have taught elementary, middle, and high school. Outside of school I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, art, and writing. My husband and I travel when we can, but we are definitely homebodies at heart.