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Family Engagement Plan

Altruria Elementary School


Family Engagement Plan


Altruria Elementary School encourages and supports family and community involvement. Our Family Engagement Plan was developed jointly with parent and community stakeholder representatives to ensure that the expectations for parent and community involvement were clearly defined and agreed upon by the school and our parent and community stakeholders. The goal of our Family Engagement Plan is to help parents and community become active partners in the education of our student population. Altruria faculty and staff believe that we have a special responsibility to our parents and the community to encourage and support active involvement. We believe that all stakeholders share the responsibility for student success.


**Due to COVID-19 protocols, in-person activities will be done virtually until protocols are updated.


The faculty, administration and staff at Altruria Elementary School pledge to involve our parents and community stakeholders by doing the following:

  • Acknowledge and greet parents in a friendly manner.
  • The school will schedule meetings at various times to allow for maximum parent participation.
  • The school will translate all school-wide communication into the appropriate language to meet the needs of our parents who do not speak English.
  • The school will provide an interpreter, when needed.
  • The school will maintain a current website that will include teachers’ email addresses and relevant information regarding the school.
  • Parents and community members will be given an opportunity to communicate concerns, suggestions, etc. to the school’s administration.
  • Teachers will use clear, direct language when communicating with parents.
  • School administration will respond to parent requests, ideas and concerns in a timely manner.


To promote meaningful parent involvement and foster a partnership with our parents, Altruria will:

  • Provide opportunities for parents to serve on committees of their choice as well as PTO Board.
  • Provide parents a description and explanation of curriculum, academic assessment and proficiency level students are expected to achieve.
  • Annual meetings, at flexible times, will be held to inform parents of ESEA guidelines for schools operating a Title I School-wide Program.
  • Collaborate with parents to jointly develop the Parent/School Compact that outlines shared responsibility for student learning.
  • Disseminate the Parent/School Compact to all students/parents and acquire the appropriate signatures. This is completed during online registration and is signed digitally.
  • Provide family literature and family services to improve parents’ ability to help with their child’s education.
  • Provide parents timely information through newsletters of current events with a monthly letter to inform parents of school activities.
  • Involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely way in the planning, review, and improvement of programs for parent involvement.
  • Utilize partnerships with community organizations and local businesses.
  • Inform parents of opportunities available through Bartlett City Schools.
  • Provide parents opportunities to express ideas, concerns, and suggestions with the principal or any staff member and receive a timely response.


Bartlett City Schools offers educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color,

national origin, religion, sex or disability.